What’s a StoraBora?

Storabora is the smart, money saving, on-line marketplace for all your storage and parking needs.

Storabora, founded in 2015, is a free online tool to find storage space and parking anywhere in your world. Our free marketplace connects people who need storage space with anyone who has extra storage space or parking.

StoraBora helps you find space for all your clutter, cars or RV’s… quickly and Hassle free, at a great price and closer to home!

StoraBora is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra storage space or parking stalls with a free ad using up to 20 pictures…Enjoy the extra cash!!

Be aware that when StoraBora generates profits most will be directed to fight global warming…a passion of ours here at StoraBora.

Storabora Mission

  1. Eliminate the need to build more self-storage facilities…use what we have.
  2. Save people money (50% or Mora is our target) storing their goods and vehicles within their neighborhood, closer to where they live.
  3. Families get extra money… love that…for something they own already!
  4. Use most proceeds (after expenses) to combat global warming. Starting with free electrical charging stations to businesses that will install them.

Our Roots

Storabora began because of a single parents need to save money and make money. As a newly divorced parent my income was not always reliable so I needed a way to generate more cash. I had a big garage that I didn’t use so I rented it out and made an extra $300 dollars a month!

Years later I had the need to rent space, but was shocked to learn that renting a storage space the size of a closet would cost me $170 a month. Are you kidding me!! Being the thrifty person I am I needed to find something more affordable? Lucky for me my sister had a room she wasn’t using and was willing to rent the space to me for less than half the price.

I decided that everyone should have access to a “sister space” and thus Storabora was born.

Contact Us

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